This is a personal blog site. Most articles are based on my opinions. I am not a licensed relationship therapist. I am a Blogger, Entrepreneur and self proclaimed relationship expert through experience; whom created this site after a bad marriage and even worse divorce. And yes, at times my views might seem to be a little bias.

I am not a (male basher) or (feminist). I post articles that are an interest of mine and my readers. I have posted articles by Men/Women and those that may differ from my point of view.

All articles are related to Dating, Online-Dating, Divorce and all Relationship issues-topics , abuse resources.....etc. – Nothings off limit.

It is not my intention to offend, disrespect or post any articles that promote hate, racism or any form of derogatory. If at any time you feel the need to discuss this issue with me, please send me a personal email. I do respond to every email, at least within 48 hours.

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